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In the next one to two years, NTPC intends to list green energy vertical: CMD Gurdeep Singh

NTPC Plans Green Energy IPO

• Plans to IPO green energy vertical in next year to two.

• Expects increased demand.

• Aims for 30-40% capital expenditure increase to meet rising power demand.


According to its chairman and managing director Gurdeep Singh, state-owned NTPC plans to IPO its green energy vertical over the next one to two years as it expects demand to increase. Additionally, he stated that the organization anticipates a 30–40% increase in capital expenditures to meet the nation's rising power demand. Here during the 10th SBI Banking & Economics Conclave, he was taking part in a panel discussion titled "An Indian Tomorrow."

The firm is stabilizing power demand in accordance with consumption, Singh continued, and it will make sure that reasonably priced and dependable electricity is available when demand increases.

He stated that energy security has also become more important in recent years and that, although coal-based facilities are not an issue, use has to be limited with an emphasis on solar and hydrogen-based power.

In the next five to seven years, he said, the entity's capacity for fossil and non-fossil fuels should be about equal.

"Today, 3.5 gigawatt is commissioned, with 7.5 gigawatt under construction, and 20 gigawatt is in developmental activities" , stated Singh.

Singh also stated that moving forward, the capital expenditure will rise by a minimum of 30–40%. Previously, it has been in the region of Rs 25,000 crore. By 2030, the corporation hopes to have added 60 gigawatts of renewable power, and they seem confident that they may do so sooner.

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