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Before the end of February, Tripura will present its energy efficiency plan

Along with highlighting the need of educating consumers, businesses, and utilities on energy-saving techniques, Sarkar also.

Agartala: A top official stated that the Tripura administration plans to present an energy efficiency strategy by the end of February. He stated that in order to produce the State Energy Efficiency Action Plan (SEEAP), the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Green Tea, and the Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd. (TSECL) are collaborating.

"Our projections indicate that by 2030, Tripura's electricity consumption would rise by 100 MW. We need to look at alternative energy sources to lessen our reliance on traditional sources because the state only has gas-based power facilities, TSECL Managing Director Debashis Sarkar said PTI.

"Green Tea and Deloitte, the agencies, are now working on the plan's formulation and anticipate submitting their report by the end of the following month. After the strategy is unveiled, the aim for reducing carbon emissions will be known," he stated.

Sarkar also emphasized the need of educating consumers, businesses, and utilities about energy-saving techniques.

He also said that as the state's economy grows, incorporating strong energy efficiency measures would be essential to maintaining a healthy balance between growth and environmental responsibility.

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